Ten amazing fat burning exercises you can do in a month

Quick 6 Minute Home Fat Burning Workout! (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!) | Frank Medrano

in your bed when you think work we assume we have to go to

the gym but you can perform the light but effective exercises at

home and even better in your own bed we have selected some great

exercises that when combined with a balanced diet has proven to

be  an incredibly effective number

lay on your side with your hips exactly above each other and raise

the top leg up and slowly return it to the initial position repeat ten

times and then do the same exercise with another leg

⚫ fitness plant with leg lift

into a push-up position then raise your right leg and hold for one

second, lower your right leg and raise your left leg do it for one


⚫ fitness glute bridge

lay on your back and raise the buttocks to stay in this position for a

few seconds and slowly go to the tightest you can to increase the

the intensity  you may lift one leg and repeat with the other leg do

15 repetitions

⚫  fitness Bent leg side raises

stay on your knees keeping your back straight lift one leg as high as

you can be keeping it at a 90-degree angle floor it back to the

starting position and repeat ten times then repeat with the other leg

do ten repetitions on each day

⚫ Russian twist

star seated with your knees bent slightly lean back and lift the feet

slowly twist the torso to one side get back to the initial position and

then slowly twist to the other side do 15 repetitions

⚫ fitness Russian twist

get in a plank position place your hands underneath your shoulders

with elbows extended keep your abs engaged and back straight

lower your chest to the floor and hold as long as you can get back

to the initial position, it's better if you hold for 30 seconds in the

beginning and as you get stronger increase it to two minutes

⚫ fitness plank

plank is a very simple but highly effective exercise bend your elbows

making sure that they're directly beneath your shoulders and your

the body should form a straight line from your head to your feet hold

the position for as long as you can remember you should keep your

back straight

⚫ fitness Superman's

lie on your stomach and  extend both of your arms out in front of

you stretch out your arms as far as you can while still keeping your

elbows slightly straight lift your legs and arms of the ground pause

and get back to the initial position do ten repetitions

⚫ fitness bicycle crunches

lie flat with your hands behind your head then bring your knees in

toward your chest straighten one leg while turning your upper body

to the opposite side bringing your elbow toward the  opposite knee

repeat with the opposite leg and elbow do ten repetitions

⚫ fitness reverse crunches

reverse crunches are one of the most effective ab exercises lie on

your back with your knees together and your legs span to 90

degrees  slowly crunch your knees lifting your hips off the floor

pause at the  top for a moment then lower back down do 15

repetitions if you'd  like to transform your body or just keep

he tones this set of exercises definitely help make it just the five

days a week and the result will surprise you remember that

consistency is the key to success that exercises to unite most

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