Best chest rounding exercises for women

The OUTER Chest solution (FIX YOUR CHEST!)

The external chest or pec muscle is one of those hard-to-develop areas that frustrate many guys.
In this video,
I'm going to show you how to build larger external pecs that will grab attention when viewed from the side.
I'm going to give you exact chest exercise techniques that you can use to widen these pecs and give you a more defined look.

Many will argue that you cannot specifically target the external chest and that it would be anatomically correct.
The major pec muscle contracts all or nothing and there is no way to isolate a specific region of the pectorals.
You can, however, increase the overall muscle development by running it over a full range of movements and by increasing the amount of time the muscle is under tension during the exercises you do in your chest workout.

When you look at the origin and the insertion of the major pec muscle, we have to look towards the arm and the sternum.
The pec starts on the humerus or the upper arm bone and is inserted on the chest bone.
In order to increase the tension on the pec muscle, you want to increase the range of motion it contracts with each repetition.
This means that you want to move these two points safely as much as possible with each thoracic exercise.

In the case of diving, it is easy to see and especially to feel. Most of us will do the dive with our shoulders rounded forward. This limits the range of motion of the pec and, most importantly, decreases the amount of stretch you will feel during exercise. Put your shoulders back in a safer position and take your chest out, then take your dips.
This will increase the overall reach as well as the tension applied to the chest muscle in its longest and most stretched position.

From there, you want to learn how to increase the time of tension on the muscle when lying down.
This can easily be accomplished by maintaining the stretching position for a second or two with each repetition.
However, this should not always happen only on dips. As mentioned, you can also apply it to bench press, crossovers and even push-ups.

When doing bench press, it is useful not to think about the movement of your hands that goes up and away from your body during the repetition, but rather what happens with your arms.
When you focus on moving your arms down and out, then up and together at the top, you will find that you get a wider arc and a greater range of motion over the pecs.

The pumps can be performed in exactly the same way. Don't just lower your body up and down during each repetition of the pushup.
Try to extend your chest as wide as possible on each descent and retract your shoulder blades. You will instantly feel the increased tension that caused the pec major.
Again, remember to spend some time in the most stretched position of the exercise and you will certainly see the results begin to manifest as better development of the outer chest.

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