Does extraction help the skin? All you need to know

Does extraction help the skin? All you need to know

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Whenever you go for a face, a facial beautician wants to extract all those annoying pimples that have appeared on your face. But you see friends later and you don't want your face to look like a red mess. Does pore extraction make a difference?

Certainly, they help because it is very difficult to clean and treat old corks with current topics only to avoid new problems  The difficulty is to get out without proper extraction. If done properly, it helps heal and is less likely to leave large pores.

The correct extraction key is to apply the proper pressure to properly remove the dam. It should be applied around and under black or white dots. Dr. Schultz, a dermatologist in New York, adds: "Whoever performs the extract cannot squeeze the whole skin over it." If it tears internally, it looks like a foreign body in the skin, which can lead to injury or damage to enough tissue to create a scar.

This means that you desperately need to leave the extraction to the professionals. Well-respected stations often do the job. But a visit to a dermatologist is ideal because you can get a full assessment.

Blackheads are simpler because there is already an opening to block the pores to appear when the correct pressure is applied. White dots can also be extracted, but they do not have an opening, which is necessary for extraction. This is when the tip of the needle should be used to open it. In the case of cystic acne, this is a more complex extraction process and may also require the help of cortisone in your doctor's cyst.

However, even if done correctly, the skin sometimes looks worse after deep extraction. Is this a bad sign?
Immediately after extraction, you can get redness only under pressure, which is normal, says  You can even have swelling if you have sensitive skin. But you don't need to have a lot of scales, and the inflammation shouldn't last two or three days.

So where is the best place to get an extraction?
It's not a question of the medical certificate, Qualified plastic surgeons can provide you with good results as well as dermatologists." But if you feel that the skin is compressing or pinching in the upper part of the skin, the extraction process is not done correctly.

professionals"It doesn't take eight years of education after graduation to properly extract a pimple. But there are certain principles you need to follow to know where to apply pressure," said Dr. Schultz. "It is difficult to teach someone in a few minutes. Leave it to the experts

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