How to remove the effects of grain on the skin

How to remove the effects of grain on the skin

➠Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is one of the most widely used topical treatments for acne and its associated effects and scars. These include salicylic acid in the individual's daily skincare routine, for an effective result within a few weeks of treatment.

➠Chemical peels

Some cases of pills or deep scars on the skin require treatment with chemical peels, and the individual's healthcare provider should be consulted about available and appropriate options. In-house chemists for moderately effective peelers, or choose what the specialist applies as appropriate.


Laser treatment is a treatment option for the effects of skin pills, both surface and deep, where this type of treatment is used to remove the outer layer of the skin to remove the impact of grain, or reduce the redness caused by wounds healed grain, and use different types of laser depending on the nature of the effects Pills (flat or protruding), the duration of recovery is determined by the type of laser used, and can be combined more than that, and treatment may take several days until the full recovery.

➤Natural recipes to remove traces of grain

➠Coconut Oil

A quarter teaspoon of coconut oil can be used after melting in the hand after washing thoroughly, and then applied to the skin by fingertips, and left for a period of time as desired, to take advantage of its therapeutic properties to get rid of the effects of grains.

➠Potato juice

Use a grain of potato by cutting them into slices, and then put these slices on the skin for about 15 minutes before the skin is washed with warm water, potato juice contains vitamins, and minerals to help heal the effects of grains quickly.


The honey massage helps to scars the grain on the skin, leaving it as long as possible to get rid of its effects.This is because of the honey has therapeutic properties of the skin, it is recommended to choose raw honey to make the most of it.

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