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blackness under the eye

Some people are dark circles under the eyes, whether men or women, of different ages.Dark circles appear in dark black shades under the eye, due to several different factors. In this article we will identify the most important reasons for the appearance of blackness under the eye and ways to get rid of it in natural ways easy and simple.

 Natural recipes to remove blackness under the eye

These home recipes help get rid of darkness under the eyes.

 Recipe Turmeric and Almond Oil:

This recipe smoothes dark areas under the eye.


A quarter teaspoon of turmeric.
 2 teaspoons almond oil

v How to prepare the recipe:

 Mix turmeric with almond oil thoroughly to get the mixture.
 Place the mixture under the eyes and massage gently for a minute.
 Leave for 20 minutes, then wash the area with water.
This recipe is repeated 3 times a week.

 Recipe yogurt and parsley:

This recipe contributes to lightening the black color under the eye, removing wrinkles, containing parsley, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamins, as well as minerals.


handful of parsley leaves.
tablespoons yogurt.

 How to prepare the recipe:

parsley leaves the ground and mash with yogurt to get a mixture.
 Put the mixture under the eyes and leave it for 10 minutes, then wash the area with cold water.
This recipe is repeated 3 times a week.

 Saffron milk recipe

This recipe helps in the treatment of dark circles and promotes healthy skin with age because it contains effective antioxidants.


 of 1-2 saffron threads.
2 quarter cup of milk.

 How to prepare the recipe:

 Soak saffron threads with milk for several minutes.
Apply the mixture to the dark circles with a cotton swab, let it sit for 10-12 minutes, then wash the area with cold water.
 Repeat this recipe daily.

 Recipe for olive oil and turmeric:

This recipe protects the area under the eye and keeps it healthy.

The method of preparation is as follows:

Mix olive oil with turmeric well to get a mixture.
Massage the area under the eye with the mixture for a minute or two gently, leaving each night and then washing the next day.
Repeat this recipe daily before bedtime.

 Cold milk recipe:

This recipe removes dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines because milk contains lactic acid. The method of preparation is as follows:

1 Apply cold milk to the dark circles under the eye with a cotton swab, leave for 15 minutes, then wash the area with water.
 Repeat this recipe once a day for two weeks.

 Mint Leaf Recipe:

This recipe improves skin health and contributes to the elimination of dark circles because mint contains vitamin C.

The method of preparation is as follows:

 Grind 1 mint leaves and mix with a few drops of water for a smooth mix.
 Apply the mixture to the aura and leave for 10 minutes, then wash the area with cold water.
 3 Repeat this recipe daily before bedtime.

Lemon juice recipe:

This recipe works to relieve dark circles, because lemon contains vitamin C, as well as antioxidants. The method of preparation is as follows:

1 Apply lemon juice to the dark circles under the eye gently using a cotton swab, leave it on for 10 minutes, then wash the area.
Repeat this recipe twice daily.

 Important tips to get rid of blackness under the eye

There are several ways to get rid of darkness under the eye, including:

I do yoga exercises.
 Limit the intake of salts.
 Avoid drinking alcohol.
 Use sunscreen under the eye.
 Eat healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits.
Get enough hours of sleep, ranging from 6-8 hours a day.
Pass the ice cubes on dark circles, because of their role in cooling the capillaries.
Use cold tea bags, put them for 10 minutes on dark circles, which helps to reduce puffiness, as well as get rid of blackness under the eye.

 Other treatments for dark circles

       There have been many modern medical procedures and    methods to treat the problem of blackness under the eye,                the most important of these methods:

 for surgery.
Laser treatment.
 Intense pulsed light therapy.
 Chemical peels.
creams contain some vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C and others.

 Causes of dark circles

Dark circles appear around the eyes for several reasons, including:

 Genetic factors and genes.
 cases of anemia, or so-called anemia.
Lack of daily water causes the skin cells to contract, leading to dark circles.
 Cellular ureteritis.
Exposure to the sun often.
 Eczema infection.
 feeling of tension and tension.
changes in hormones.
 Lack of sleep.
Undernutrition, especially in some nutrients, such as iron plus vitamin B 12. March 11 some unhealthy habits, such as smoking and sleeping on the stomach.
 Aging and aging.
Take certain types of drugs and drugs that may cause dark circles under the eye.
 Liver disease infection.
drink caffeine, eat excess salt.
 Fluid retention.
 Use some types of eye makeup products.
 Severe crying.

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