blackheads and whiteheads- scar acne


Acne, acne or pimples, regardless of the label, may be a constant daily nuisance. The healing of acne is done slowly. As soon as she began to disappear, others 
were waiting.

This constant and endless battle is repeated repeatedly in a tiring and desperate manner.

Hormones are likely to play a key role in acne and make them particularly disruptive to young people. However, people of all age groups may suffer from acne.

Some women may also experience mild acne at various stages of hormonal changes that interfere with their life, such as pregnancy, menstrual periods, when contraceptive pills are used or when they stop taking them.

Acne symptoms

Acne appears on the surface of the skin of the face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. These are the skin areas with the most active sebaceous glands.

Acne appears in various forms

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